Thursday, January 31, 2013

I mentioned that I would post a link to a website that helps to find the right jeans for your body shape. I then realized that not everyone knows what shape they are! So, the following link is to help you identify what body shape best suits you! It is important to know that no one is a textbook cookie cutter body shape. Just try to identify with the shape that best suits your body!

The next link is to help you choose the best jean for your body shape! Both links are from the same website, After searching through various links I decided that this was the best link for explaining how to choose the best jean for you! Feel free to respond if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this particular post!

Casual Outfit


      This is a super casual and simple outfit to put on when you are running errands, going to a lunch, or going out on an adventure with the family. Many people may replace the jeans for leggings. I like to stick with jeans in this situation because the structure of the jean ramps up the classy level a little bit and when you get a great jean, everyone's butt looks amazing! I will post a link I found that helps you choose which type of jean looks best on each body shape. However, just about every body type can rock a straight leg jean and boots. 

  • Target sells really amazing sweaters similar to this one and so does Forever 21, take note that a colored sweater, such as a peach, rose pink, or a pastel blue, would also look very nice! Don't be afraid to play with colors!
  • Gap has great riding boots, which are the boots in this picture and Famous Footwear is always in stock.
  • Old Navy, Gap, and American Eagle all have great jeans but just as in any store, hit the clearance rack first and see if you can snag up any good deals.
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Accessories can make any outfit, POP! I usually get my accessories from Target and Forever 21!