Monday, February 25, 2013

How perfect would this be for a night out with the girls! I really love how the skirt and accessories really make the outfit! I saw some of these skirts at Ross just the other day, looks like I'll be making a trip there again!
So simple and cute. Great for a night out with the sweetie!
Another one of my favorites! I have an obsession with lace! I bought this dress during the summer time and it is a great summer dress but pair it with a cardigan and leggings and you have a cold-weather outfit!

Dress- Marshall's-$20
Cardigan_ The Loft- $10
Boots-Famous Footwear- $50

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fall in love

This is a pretty typical fall/winter outfit that would be fairly simple to put together! You could do this with just about any solid color dress you have in your closet. You'll begin to notice that skirts and dresses are some of my favorite wardrobe choices! They can be so versatile and can often be worn in many different seasons! I have summer dresses that I have paired with a cardigan and leggings and they are now ready to be worn in the colder months! I have a brown leather jacket similar to the one in this picture, I bought it at Marshall's for $35, pretty good steal. I also believe that boots are essential to every woman's wardrobe, especially if you live in the lovely Pacific Northwest like I do! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Go To Outfit

This is one of my casual outfits, this is definitely a 'go to' outfit when I just need to throw something  on. Skinny jeans are great for the rectangle shape because they make your hips and thighs look wider, and when you don't have those, that can be a plus! Skinny jeans also work with the hourglass shape, especially if you want to show off your shape!

Top- The Loft on clearance for $10
Cardigan-The Loft on Sale for $10
Jeans-Old Navy on sale for $15
Shoes- Target- $15 (Target always has cute flats, especially online!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This is also another great office or casual office (depending on the type of bottom you choose) outfit to wear.      The pant I have here is a dark wash jean trouser pants, meaning that they have a wider flare at the bottom. Trouser pants are great for those with the hourglass or wedge shape, as the flare at the bottom helps to create a balance between your broader shoulders or wider hips. The pants are also high waist, hiding any tummy troubles that you may have. I love the pop of color that the blazer offers to the outfit with the matching shoes and then the calmer undershirt. You could do this with just about any color, so choose your favorite color and go at it! I put together this outfit online but Old Navy offers a wide variety of different color blazers and between them and The Gap (which are the same family company) they have a great jean selection!
Hello lovely people!
I haven't added an entry in a couple of days, I apologize for that! However, here is a new one! This is just a traditional work attire. The straight cut looks great on just about anyone just as long as it fits snugly against your body. With typical office dresses such as this one, it is important to show off  your curves but it shouldn't be too tight nor too loose. Too tight and it will accentuate all the parts of your body that you aren't super excited about and too loose it will look frumpy, adding more to your body. This dress also hits right above the knee, pair it with a great set of heels and it will help elongate your beautiful legs!

Dress- Target on clearance for $15
Shoes- Famous Footwear on clearance for $25
Cardigan- The Loft on clearance for $10

Friday, February 1, 2013

What's Black, White, and Red All Over??

How fun would this classy outfit be for a night out on the town with your sweetheart or your girls?? Awesome blazer, great trouser pants paired with great heel help elongate the legs of the wedge shaped person. Those with a wider top and a smaller bottom half, trouser pants create the illusion of a smaller upper half because it draws the attention to the bottom. :)

Office Casual

Here's another outfit I put together on Polyvore! Very simple, could be worn as a casual office outfit, errands, dinner date, etc. Old Navy is a fantastic place to find great structured jacket and of course my favorite place, Target has awesome jackets also. 


        Super casual! This is probably one of my more simpler outfits but still grabs others attention with the pop of yellow! During the winter and fall months you can't go wrong with a straight/skinny legged jean and a good pair of riding boots! Since I live in the cold northwest it's always important to pair the outfit with a great jacket! The key to jackets is structure! a good jacket will help define your waist, accentuating the smallest part of you which on most ladies is our fabulous waist line! Playing around with the fall colors helps to pull the outfit together. Some may pair this with a pair of leggings but just as in my previous post, I try to avoid the leggings because they don't always help the outfit. Jeans help pull outfits together and also help enhance our wonderful rear ends (check out the January 31st post to help find a great pair of jeans!). You can easily run errands in this outfit or meet up for a lunch!

Necklace- PacSun $5
Riding Boots- Gap $60
Top- Target $8
Leather Jacket- Marshalls-$25

Great Office Wear

Great Office Wear

I thought this would be anice piece for our office people! The blue really makes the structured grey dress pop! I have a similar structured grey dress that I got from Target for $15! Target also has very colorful pumps and throw in some of their great jewelry, usually ranging from 5-15 dollars for something similar to this pearl bracelet, and you have a complete outfit! As you can see, this dress would look amazing on someone with the hourglass figure, as it cinches in the middle and moves elegantly straight down to hit right above the knee. I wanted to address the term 'hourglass'. Often when people think hourglass they picture a skinnier person, similar to the Barbie stereotype. But the term hourglass just refers to someone who has a fairly tiny waist proportion to their top and bottom. Ladies who tend to be a bit bustier and a little wider in the hip often have a smaller waist, creating the hourglass figure, this dress is for you! Also, the ruching (roo-shing) in the middle helps to hide any tummy troubles we may have!  :)

Hello everyone!
This is one of my favorite dresses to talk about! In my introduction I mentioned budget friendly outfits! Well, this is an excellent example! Ladies (and gentlemen) don't forget to look to good ol Goodwill for pieces! I found this dress for $4 at my local goodwill! It's a nice fall time dress as the material is polyester and rayon, so it's fairly soft and lightweight. This dress is great for those who have a rectangle shape, the color really draws attention to the hips and allows it to look as though you have hips when you may not! Another great body shape that could benefit is the wedge body shape because again, the pockets and the A-Line cut allows the dress to flow through the top and start to widen at the bottom creating the illusion of a more defined hip line. Pair the dress with some soft brown pumps to elongate your beautiful legs and a simple necklace to top it all off and you're ready to go to the office, church, or dinner!

PS: Don't mind the little blur in the first picture, my beautiful niece wanted to be in the shot too! :)

Dress- Goodwill $4
Shoes- Brown Steve Madden Pumps from Famous Footwear $25
Necklace_ Simple beaded necklace from Burlington Coat Factory- $6
Total cost of outfit- $35