Friday, February 1, 2013


        Super casual! This is probably one of my more simpler outfits but still grabs others attention with the pop of yellow! During the winter and fall months you can't go wrong with a straight/skinny legged jean and a good pair of riding boots! Since I live in the cold northwest it's always important to pair the outfit with a great jacket! The key to jackets is structure! a good jacket will help define your waist, accentuating the smallest part of you which on most ladies is our fabulous waist line! Playing around with the fall colors helps to pull the outfit together. Some may pair this with a pair of leggings but just as in my previous post, I try to avoid the leggings because they don't always help the outfit. Jeans help pull outfits together and also help enhance our wonderful rear ends (check out the January 31st post to help find a great pair of jeans!). You can easily run errands in this outfit or meet up for a lunch!

Necklace- PacSun $5
Riding Boots- Gap $60
Top- Target $8
Leather Jacket- Marshalls-$25