Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello lovely people!
I haven't added an entry in a couple of days, I apologize for that! However, here is a new one! This is just a traditional work attire. The straight cut looks great on just about anyone just as long as it fits snugly against your body. With typical office dresses such as this one, it is important to show off  your curves but it shouldn't be too tight nor too loose. Too tight and it will accentuate all the parts of your body that you aren't super excited about and too loose it will look frumpy, adding more to your body. This dress also hits right above the knee, pair it with a great set of heels and it will help elongate your beautiful legs!

Dress- Target on clearance for $15
Shoes- Famous Footwear on clearance for $25
Cardigan- The Loft on clearance for $10