Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This is also another great office or casual office (depending on the type of bottom you choose) outfit to wear.      The pant I have here is a dark wash jean trouser pants, meaning that they have a wider flare at the bottom. Trouser pants are great for those with the hourglass or wedge shape, as the flare at the bottom helps to create a balance between your broader shoulders or wider hips. The pants are also high waist, hiding any tummy troubles that you may have. I love the pop of color that the blazer offers to the outfit with the matching shoes and then the calmer undershirt. You could do this with just about any color, so choose your favorite color and go at it! I put together this outfit online but Old Navy offers a wide variety of different color blazers and between them and The Gap (which are the same family company) they have a great jean selection!